Great Results at Third Indoor Telemark Race of the Summer in Glasgow!

The STC put out three teams to compete in the third race of the Indoor Telemark Summer Race Series. The teams placed 1st, 2nd and 4th and we had an STC member in first place in every age category except one!

On Saturday 19th we had a mini telemark festival with two training sessions, a strength and conditioning talk/demo from three time British Telemark Champion Chris Stewart and a curry in the evening to finish it off. The training sessions were run by top coaches: Danny McCabe (BASI), Andy Stewart, Chris Stewart and Jack Morrissey. In the morning there was general group training and gate training was available in the afternoon for those who wanted to have a go.

On Sunday 20th we had the third race of the series. The Glasgow ski centre kindly fenced off half the slope for the event and helped set the gates and run the timing. They have been so helpful for this event, as they were last year. Thank you so much to the sponsors for fantastic prizes yet again! Buff, Trespass, Blues and Mountain Spirit. See the photos below for the lucky prizewinners. Thanks also to the Royal Marines who provided radios for the races and BASI who provided an instructor. Finally a big thank you to all those parents and friends who marshalled and organised the races, especially James and Jack who ran the race.

Below are the STC members results, well done to all! You can download the overall Glasgow Telemark results here too.

  • Zara Mason: Winner of U16 women and 22nd overall
  • Gillian Lyall: 2nd in Masters ladies and 26th overall
  • Anna Morrissey: Winner of Senior ladies and 6th overall
  • Alison Morrissey: Winner of Masters Ladies and 14th overall
  • Sion Bingham: Winner of U21 men and 2nd overall
  • Robert Houstoun: Winner of senior men and 1st overall
  • Jack Morrissey: 2nd in Senior men and 12th overall
  • Colin Shepherd: Winner of Masters men and 3rd overall
  • Huan Davies: 2nd in Masters men and 5th overall
  • Allan Stevenson: 10th overall
  • Ramsay Shaw: 15th overall
  • Craig Sutherland: 21st overall
  • Simon Bingham: 23rd overall

The next event in is Hemel in September, come along if you want to learn to telemark.


Success for STC at Tamworth!

The British Indoor Telemark Series is well under way with two down and two to go! It was a fantastically sunny weekend in Tamworth which we unfortunately spent indoors but we had a great time doing it. A huge turn out for the festival and race day – thank you to everyone that took part, it’s was lovely to see so many telemarkers.

The guys from Teletracks organised the festival day which offered coaching from top BASI coaches with video analysis. Over lunchtime there was an introduction to strength and conditioning from Andy David who is a former professional athlete and British Freestyle Skiing Champion who is now a Level 4 Master Personal Trainer. Thank you to all these guys who made it a fantastic day.

The race on sunday was very well organised by British Team member Jack Harvard Taylor and Ben Langridge from TeleTracks. Also a huge thank you to the sponsors who provided the prizes: BuffScott and Back Country UK.

The STC have held their lead in the team competition with members doing very well individually too. The Tamworth Results can be downloaded here and STC members overall results are listed below:

  • Colin 2nd: Winner of the Masters men
  • Sion 4th: Second in U21 men
  • Anna 6th: Winner of the Senior ladies
  • Alison 11th: Winner of the Masters ladies
  • Derek 19th: 6th in Masters men

The next event will be held in Glasgow on the 19th/20th July. For more details see the Indoor series tab or the British Telemark website.