logo_new32Scotty Bob skis are offering $150 off a pair of skis. Not applicable with any other offer. Shipping overseas is no problem, it costs around $100 plus VAT (depending on country). They make telemark specific skis which can be designed completely to your need!



image001Sno (a ski specialist travel agent) has extended the discount it gives Ski Club GB members to members of Ski and Snowboard Clubs all over the UK! This means that members of the Scottish Telemark Club can use the discount too.

By confirming your membership when you book, you can receive a 5% discount off the brochure price of ski holidays. They do lots of packages from Scotland with flights from Glasgow Airport as well as Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness:

I’d definitely recommend using the discount if you book your holidays in advance as last minute holidays are usually already discounted – they do holidays all over the world and there aren’t many suppliers that they can’t discount, so they’re worth a look!


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